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Importance Of Social Media

Our world becomes very small because of the new technologies especially because of the information and communication technologies. These technologies reduce the gap between the countries and help people to communicate with anyone from anywhere whenever they want. Also people started to use these technologies to do their personal and professional works. And most of the corporate sectors totally operate and manage by these technological devices. However the current trend in our society is, use this technologies as social media which means online communication web channels, through which people share their thoughts, create communities, advertising and promoting products and improve their skills. Currently most of the people addicted to this social media because it has so many impressive features.

In earlier days to access the internet or network we need a computer. But later they have introduced laptops and tablets to access this network. Now we have all the facilities in our mobile phone. We can do all the technical works by using our mobile phones. This is the main reason why social media have got famous. Especially our business sectors use this as a tool to get publicity. Rather than television, radio and newspapers advertisement the social media advertisements are very effective. It is because it is a cheaper way advertising and easily can reach the customers. Also there are so many options to advertise, such as, advertise by using articles, animations and video marketing etc. These are very colourful and impressive than other methods.

Moreover, another important thing to notice is that our younger generation is more involved into this social media. It is because they are specialized in using technologies than older generation. Also this social media give them a good basement to earn money and show their skills. For example they do film production in Singapore, short films, music albums and other videos and upload it in social media which reach the society quickly. And professional people who recognize the talents of this youngsters. Also they give good opportunity for them to show their skills moreover some of the people who do online business through this social media and earn money easily and where they get local and international customers also.

Also people can get updated on time to time by using this facility. Social media is good source spread news; it reaches people easily and quickly. Especially, local political news, international news, cinema news, sport news and all other entertainment news. It is also a good ground to share our thoughts and comments with others and we can get others opinions also.