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Teaching Your Child To Appreciate Themselves

We sadly live in a world that constantly tells your child that they are not good enough and in order to be beautiful, that they have to have a figure that looks a certain way and a body that looks a certain way. The media is a very dangerous thing because many young people believe in their hearts that they are not good enough and that they are somehow lacking because they do not fit in to that box that the media and society puts them in.

“The perfect body” mythAs a parent and as the older generation, it is your duty to teach not only your children but the younger generation as a whole that they need to appreciate their own bodies and appreciate diversity. The media constantly portrays that the human body should look a certain way and should be a certain size in order to look beautiful and therefore, men and women who have bodies either bigger than the standard set by the media or smaller than the standard set by the media are faced criticism from their peers and sometimes even that one family.

Large corporations and business people on the other hand are focused on trying to make a profit off this mindset by introducing many dangerous and expensive procedures such as non-surgical nose jobs that let young people “fix” their bodies. This means that a woman with a larger body can get a dangerous and expensive surgical procedure done in order to bring her body to a size zero thereby putting her life in danger and giving up most of her life savings and sometimes more than she can afford to these big corporations in order to gain body confidence.

As a parent it is important for you to teach your children to have body confidence no matter what they look like and that procedure such as erectile dysfunction treatment are not only dangerous but unnecessary. It is important for us to teach the next generation that human bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that there is no such thing as a perfect body.

It is vital that we teach our children to speak to their own friends and peers about this as well because there is much mental illness and depression that is being caused as a result of media’s portrayal of the so called perfect body. The sad reality is that there are many young people who are even going so far as to take their own lives because they are being told that their bodies are ugly and that they are less than perfect.