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We, as the older generation have the responsibility of raising a good, ethical next generation that will do much good for the world but sadly, we are failing miserably at this duty that we have been given. Sadly, the world is only getting worse as every day passes by because our generation is bringing about and encouraging so much crime. We no longer teach our children that crime is wrong but we encourage it and show them that it is acceptable with our every action.

Every movie we make, every video game we create and every advertisement that we write, we use to encourage violence and sexual harassment. Women are being used to advertise everything from cars to food in a way that is demeaning to women and yet, our generation does nothing to condemn this. Instead, we admire and cheer the media on in front of our children giving them the idea that the media’s portrayal of women is acceptable and correct. We need to teach our young boys to respect women while we teach our young girls to respect themselves and teach them self-defense in the form of muay thai from a professional instructors.

Less technologyWe are seeing a younger generation that is very different from what we used to be as youngsters because this technology driven era is creating a younger generation that is obsessed with computers, television and video games. In the past, young people would go out, play sport and interact with the neighborhood children but today’s children spend majority of their time in their bedrooms staring at their televisions and at their computers and it is this very media that is corrupting their minds creating a very dangerous younger generation. It is important that as a parent, you get your child away from technology by enrolling them in other activities such as boxing classes in Singapore or in sport which will not only give them the exercise that their growing body needs but it will also teach them self-defense.

At first, your youngster may not take to new activities too well because the computer and technology is very much like a drug that causes severe addiction. Your child will be unhappy and will show many signs of withdrawal in those first few weeks but within three weeks to a month, you will notice that your child will start to love these new activities and will soon forget about the computer and their video games. It is important for you as the parent to be patient with your child while he or she goes through this.