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Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

While many try to increase hair growth, it is also essential that you take measures to prevent hair fall. Although it may seem similar, these two are two different things that need attention. If you give it the right hair care and sufficient attention and treatments, hair fall is something that can be prevented at a young age. If you have passed your youth, fear not for hair fall can still be prevented if you give it the deserved maintenance regularly. Following are some of the measures that can be taken to prevent hair fall.

YogaYoga asanas, although some don’t believe are in fact very effective when it comes to hair related issues. Some asanas are their which can prevent hair fall, while some asanas have the ability of increasing hair growth. For instance, your hair follicles will be nourished with the proper blood flow to them by practising certain asanas like balayam, kapalbhati and anulomvilomalso.

AcupressureThis could also be explained as a method of yoga which stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall. This is done simply by rubbing the fingernails of one hand from the fingernails of the other. It would only take five minutes of your hectic schedule to perform this acupressure method which increases blood flow to the hair follicles in your scalp. This has proven to present a considerable amount of hair growth on those who practise it. While practising such methods, it is advisable to get an Argan oil hair treatment in Singapore done for better results and also if you suffer from much serious hair loss than of an average person.

Oil massagesTreat your hair with some organic coconut oil and massage it at least twice or thrice a week to keep your hair healthy and shiny at the same time. Ensure that you apply such oil on your scalp as well, giving itself a massage just enough for the roots to efficiently do their job of hair growth. The result will be evident from your hair roots to the tips.

Healthy dietProtein, Iron and Zinc are three main factors that contribute in hair growth. Therefore, it is necessary that your daily food habits include food that has such nutrients if you value your mop of hair. Some people tend to externally take these through pills which are made just for hair growth purposes. However, before purchasing them it is always better to consult your doctor first and getting his/her approval.

If you follow the above steps regularly, your hair will become healthier and stronger in future.