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A Ride For Your Life

Ever dreamt of driving your own car to work, to school or even driving someone else to places? Well, buying it in one go is not the only thing you can do. With new consumption trends, come new marketing trends. Now, there are plenty of other methods to owning a car other than buying one immediately. Plus, owning a vehicle is not merely social status boost either, it is a commodity of convenience. A car could come in handy when you want to go to places, when public transport becomes hectic, for transporting goods and even in a case of an emergency.

Put Your Mind At (L)Ease

One of the ways in which you can own a vehicle without worrying about your future is, through a car lease. When you want to buy a car through a lease, you do not have to worry about withdrawing a huge sum of money from your bank and spending it in one go and there are leasing companies to help you out too. What happens in leasing a car is that, you (the buyer) make a down payment to a leasing company and that leasing company would make the full payment to the car dealer and will get you the vehicle. The standard down payment usually varies, however, nowadays, it is about 20% of the whole price.

Less Expensive and A better Future

As it was mentioned in the previous passage, you do not have to drain your whole bank account to pay for the vehicle. After you make the down payment, you have to sign an agreement given by the leasing company, promising that you will make the rest of the payment within a given time period and an additional interest too. Normally, this time period given to make the whole payment spans up to 10 years, but sometimes it depends on the leasing company and/or the price of the vehicle.

Buying Is Not a Must

Another way to own a car which does not involve buying nor leasing is, renting out a car. In a case of a car rental, you only rent it out for a certain period of time, like any other good or service. Usually, budget car rental in Singapore let customers rent cars on a daily or monthly basis.

Perks of Rentals

The best kind of rentals is a budget rental, in such a rental, the customer is given the opportunity to choose a car to their liking but something which would also suit their budget. This would mean the customer will get a car which would perform the required tasks, but for a cheaper price.