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Staying Active In The Big City

Most of the world is now confined to the big metropolitan cities of the world. It is a mass of concrete jungle and a whole different culture within. It is a mass of people controlling and manipulating the world around it to suit their needs. We have built up financial companies and banks and online dealers and deal with virtual money and goods. Our world has become so complex, no one knows how or why it happened to be so or how to get out of it. Most of us simply live our lives within this bubble, not knowing a life outside of it. For those who do live outside, mostly do not want to come back in to the city and its intricate web of people, buildings and streets.

While staying fit was not difficult in the past with working in the fields and actively being engaged in physical activity, in our modern cities, the most amount of work is done by our eyes and fingers, while sitting at a computer screen. If you really think back and analyze, how often do you take your eyes off an LCD screen? From the computer to the mobile phone to the TV back home is usually how most of our day’s routine is built up around. Our eyes and our minds are strained to no end, but our bodies remain stagnant. You end up sitting for long hours in a single posture, resulting in all the possible aches and pains in the world. Staying fit in a big city is not difficult if you have the will and make the time. Not everyone has a central park to run around in and is usually not easily accessible to all. However, you can always take on a pilates class in Singapore right at home.

In other cities, such as pilates Singapore, there are even classes conducted in the open air or sometimes even free as is done for Tai Chi and yoga in China for the retired. Buy a few CDs and do a routine exercise schedule right at home. Pick something like Zumba where you would not be forced to purchase expensive equipment. The DVD itself won’t be too expensive so won’t be too hard on your purse like joining a gym.

While exercise is important, so is eating healthy. One of the perks of living in the city is the availability of a hundred different food shops selling all the greasy carbs of the world. While this is feel good food for most of the days, this is also a slow killer. Without you realizing it, you would have loaded on the carbs and the fats and have no way of getting rid of it without the exercise.