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Tips To Know When Buying Gifts For A Second Time Mommy

Babies are always a reason to congratulate someone, but when the person has already had her fill of knowing what having a kid is like then you need to look for alternatives to surprise her. Being a second time mommy can be easy just a bit since you have gone through the motions, but getting the same gifts is not even needed. Usually when buying gifts for someone who is having a child for a consecutive time, you need to be practical.

Family wall portrait

The best thing to have would be a huge portrait of the family; which is expensive to buy on your own. So you can always hire a professional and take a really nice picture and then print it out, frame it and gift it with a big bow. Pictures are mostly digital in the technologically savvy world, but it is always a nice gesture to have a physical picture to show off a happy family in the house. Large portraits that are done with different textures are great as you can always hang it up to cover the wall as well.

Babysitting offers

Give the happy but exhausted couple some coupons to use your time for babysitting when they need their break. If you are close with the family then this is a great gift item that will only cost you your time and still you get to have some quality bonding time with the baby and spoilt them. Giving them the babysitting option will be a good karma and will be a great way to show good will (since babies can be exhausting). If you are interested about baby hair brush you can visit this site

Baby monitor with multiple cameras

If their first born or the previous born child is still a toddler as well, then having baby monitors can be a bit confusing when you do not know which one is ringing. Also it is just a pain to have multiple monitors in your room. So buy a baby monitor that has multiple cameras which be calibrated to watch each baby or toddler.


Give gift packed full with sentimental value like a Taimaobi SG made from the first cut. It is a great way to wish well on the baby and give notions of encouragement as it is also a traditional gift. You can get these custom made from online orders, and you can give your own personal wishes for the baby easily.

Being practical is of essence when giving baby shower gifts to a baby that comes after the first. Giving the same gifts like strollers and pacifiers will not be needed as most likely, they already have a bunch left at home from the first baby shower.