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3 Key Décor Ideas For A School Concert

School décor sometimes seem like the most difficult of all due to all the resource and budget constraints that you may have to go through. Then again those are also the days that you become more creative in your own ways simply because you can’t afford to hire professional décor team to keep the junior science day or commerce union meeting. Then your team or board together will decide on how to set up a good event. Food and other activities will definitely have to be planned way ahead of the day and then comes the décor part. Teachers will always expect you to do something nice but simple as they would not want to see students spending most of their study time making decorations for an event.

As students you will have to make the event backdrop in Singapore, the table settings and whatever entrance décor and stage setting all on your own as a team. This can seem like difficult task but once everyone gets together to work according to a plan, things become easier to proceed with. When putting up a plan, always try to allocate a fixed amount for décor so before anything else, you know exactly how much you hold and how well to optimally use it. Here are 3 great ideas that could help you a lot in making your event look like it was professionally decorated.

1) Paper Décor

You can use different coloured paper and use different craft tutorials that teach on how to make nice items to hang, paste and stand on tables. There are some easy ways you could come up with really simple but elegant looking décor items. There are various quick and simple paper made crafts on Pinterest and YouTube that you could make use of to coordinate with your chosen theme. You can also use digital printing services to add a more professional touch. If you are interested about exhibition booth design you can visit this site

2) Bi-products

Thrown away Compact Disks that could be cut into small rectangular pieces to create amazing disco balls, crystal frames to give the décor a shimmery, glittery touch. There can be different other waste products that can be incorporated with your décor to give it a more enhanced look. It doesn’t always have to be things that are expensive and brand new to look good.

3) Paintings

If you have people who can draw well in your team, the talent will never go a waste, as you can definitely use them on the backdrop or photo corner to give it an arty look. If it’s a literary and arts day, definitely paintings can create such a great relation to it.

These are some of the cost effective ideas that you can use in organizing your school concert, a day or an event that needs to be on low budget.