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How To Host A Baby Clothes Swap Party

A baby clothes swap party is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of some of your old baby clothes that you do not use anymore. Your little ones must have overgrown these old clothes and you might no be planning to have another kid in the near future. The best thing is to give it to someone who can use them, so why not your relatives and friends? So here are some easy steps to follow to organize a good swap party.

1. Pick a date and time and tell your friendsDecide on a date and tell all your guests far in advance. Pick a date which is far enough so that the mothers can work up with their partners’ schedules to leave the kids with them since this is an adults-only and also a ladies-only party. Give them ample time so that they can arrange all the clothes they would like to bring for the swap. You can call them up and to make it a bit fancier, you can send them paper invites if you have time.

2. Decide what you want to give upWell, going through all those old baby clothes could bring so many memories and you may feel the need to keep them all. However, you need to realize that if there is no use to you, you need to let someone else use it. Make sure you put only the clothes in good condition. Throw away all torn and stained clothes. You can even give it to goodwill to turn into rags. Remember to iron all and fold them neatly since presentation matters.

3. Choose a room and get it readyThe swap should happen in a room with ample space and less furniture so that you can easily spread out all your baby clothes up for the swap. The garage would be ideal. If you are using the living room, push al furniture to the walls so that there is space in the middle. If possible, label the table with sizes and also divide them as girls’ and boys’ for further convenience. Also, encourage your guests to come by in the morning and lay out all their baby clothes store in Hong Kong so that at the party they could straight away get down to business.

4. Enjoy the partyMothers hardly get a free time to mingle this way. So, enjoy to your fullest. Get some snacks and drinks and sit down for the gossiping session since you would have enough talking about a boy shirt, baby booties and all other kid related things. What could be more delightful than that? Also make sure you have an alternative for any clothes that remain after the swap. You could donate them.

5. Organize your new clothesYou maybe left with the same amount of clothes but you’d have more of what you need than what you don’t need. So now you can organize them the way you like.