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Finding The Right Storage Facility For You

Are you confused as to what type of storage facility you should choose to store you favourite bits of furniture that you no longer use? Or are you looking for a place to keep your belongings till you finish refurbishing your house? There are actually only a few choices for you to select from.

Interior storage units

These are also known as self-storage units. They are usually places in a secure building and come in a range of sizes. Usually interior storage units are not heavily affected by weather changes. They may be affected by climate changes, so these are not the best places to store anything sensitive to heat and humidity. Units near the ground floor are generally more resistant to temperature and humidity changes. They are also more convenient if you need to store heavy items.

For items that need more protection you can request a temperature and humidity controlled unit. Naturally the storage prices of these will be more.

Perhaps you need to increase or decrease your storage space periodically. For an instance, if you sell seasonal goods you might need extra space storage in Singapore for your stock only for that particular season. Many storage companies have a range of units to choose from, so they will happily accommodate your needs.

These units are protected using alarms, security cameras, padlocks and sometimes even security guards. But that does not guarantee protection against storage unit holders from breaking into other’s units. Most break-ins are reportedly done by fellow unit holders.

Outdoor units

Outdoor units typically look like a garage. They allow you to drive right up to the door and back in your vehicle. This makes loading and unloading much easier. The problem with these is that more often than not they are not temperature controlled. So you might not want to leave your favourite collectibles here, unless they are not affected by the weather.These units can be used to keep cars, boats and SUVs and the like.

Access is restricted to unit holders and authorized personnel only.

Mobile units

Mobile units are the best choice if you are renovating your house or looking for temporary storage. The rental company will send a container for you to pack all your stuff into and then take it away to their facility. They will bring it back to you upon request. The container will be handled only by the company.

The safest method of the three is probably mobile units, although it is probably the most inconvenient if you need frequent access.